Truth or Dare

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App available for Android and iOS Phone

How it Works

Truth or Dare or Spin The Bottle is the best Party game and Group game.We usually play when we are with friends,family but sometimes we don’t have a bottle to rotate.Truth or Dare app will help you to play anywhere Without any requirement of the base or the bottle.User can set their own Truth or Dare. the spinner gets to ask the person whom the bottle points to an intimate, personal question, which must be answered truthfully. If the answerer does not wish to answer the question, then they must agree to perform a dare, which might include kissing a person of the spinner's choice. Yet another variant makes the spinner announce a given dare before the spin, which the person the bottle ends up pointing to performing the dare afterwards. This might of course be the person spinning, which tends to keep the dares somewhat more modest.

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Key Features

Truth or Dare - Spin the Bottle is a fantastic way to play the classic truth or dare games with Thousands of Truth and Dare questions list.It provides the following features.

Awesome Graphics

Our Game Design puts the fun in functional.It is attractive and beautiful

It's Free

You Don't Have To Pay Single Penny,It's free and ALWAYS WILL BE.

User Friendly

It is user friendly,easy to use and easy to understand by every group of age.

2000+ Truth or Dare Questions

Our Game contains 2000+ Truth or Dare Question.We intervally update the lists.

Play with Group

Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle will let you to play in Group as well in Team.

Add Custom Truth or Dare Questions

Game allow user to add thier Truths and Dares.



App available for Android Phone.

Also available on App Store in next couple of days.